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Tap Notation and Choreography

Notation is just the skeleton of the dance.

Tap Notation and Choreography

        H O M E P H O T O S V I D E O C H O R E O G R A P H Y

The word choreography literally means “dance-writing” from the Greek words “χορεία” (circular dance) and “γραφή” (writing). It

is also used to mean the creation of a dance.

I have devised a graphic notation (explained on page above) using abbreviations for steps and placing them on a grid symbolizing

time. I notate the tap, the foot, and the rhythm — but not body moves, direction or stage travels. If the dance is to a specific

sound track, my choreography is time-indexed and the recording is credited.

Please contact me for permission to teach or stage the dances listed above. Click on the page image to view in a larger window,

or download the PDF to print.


downloadable PDF here



Introduction to Tap Dance - 2011

St. Louis Blues March - 2012

Roll Along - 2012

Lovin All People - 2012

Singin’ The Blues - 2013

Sea Cruise - 2013

Sing It - 2013

La cachimba de San Juan - 2014

Stompin’ Em Down - 2014

Revolution 1 - 2014

Percolatin’ Blues - 2014

Water Fountain - 2014

Come On and Stomp, Stomp, Stomp - 2015

Crazy Blues - 2015

Porto Rico - 2015

Chicken Reel - 2015

The Mooche - 2015

South - 2015

Original Jelly Roll Blues - 2015

Cuba Rhumba - 2016

Shostakovich Waltz II - 2016

Clarinet Spice - 2016

Saucy - 2016

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic - 2016

Dixie Queen - 2017

Blue Ocean Echo - 2017


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