tap dancer Brian Jones  


        H O M E P H O T O S V I D E O C H O R E O G R A P H Y

Brian Jones has been performing and choreographing

since 1975. Known for his tap dance company, The All-

Tap Revue, and his partnerships with Susan Boyce, Jones

& Boyce, and Donald Suthard, Street Tap, Brian has toured

as a modern-day vaudevillian from Hawaii to Europe.

He has shared the bill with The Persuasions, Wally Rose,

Robert Goulet, Ethel Merman Savion Glover, and The

Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.

A musical populist, Jones improvises with live musicians,

or synchronizes to classic recordings of ragtime, jazz,

swing, Latin, country, classical, Broadway, even techno.

Crediting his eleventh-grade English teacher with opening

his eyes and ears to tap, Brian continues in the great tap

tradition of handing down from one generation to the next

this uniquely American dance form.



Brian Jones at Moisture Festival 2016  Photo: James McDaniel


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